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4 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder in 2012

1. Be Organized

One of the keys strategies to every successful plan or outcome is organization. Being organized cuts down on wasted time and energy, and as a PR Professional you must remain organized due to the constant changes and overwhelming inconsistencies in this industry. Carrying a calendar, a list of contacts with names, numbers, and addresses, contract agreements, and always having access to your email are several ways to remain  ahead of the game at all times. The great thing about technology is that the list mentioned above can now be fit onto one device so you are not carrying around multiple folders of paper work.

2. Utilize your resources

As PR Professionals we attend various functions throughout the year, whether it’s with a client or for personal reasons. Networking is a major key to success because in order to maximize your opportunities, working in the PR industry is all about who you know. Often times we tend to forget to follow up with other professionals we’ve networked with. My most successful outcomes throughout my tenure as an entrepreneur stemmed from taking the initiative to reach out to contacts I met at networking events.

 3. Time Management

Writing a To Do list to map out your day is an organized way to manage your time on a day to day basis. PR professionals live in a world where multitasking has become second nature, yet sometimes we still feel as though we did not accomplish much in a days work. After a task is complete cross it out to ensure yourself that you are making progress. Another way to complete your task or assignments in a timely manner is to time yourself. This method will allow you to know how much time you are spending on a project and when to move on to the next.

 4. Sharing Databases

There are several online databases PR Professionals use to obtain media contacts, but they can be on the pricey side. As a small business owner, business can be up and down at times and subscribing to a service such as: Cision, Vocus, Meltwater could become a financial strain. Reaching out to other PR Pros for contacts is not a bad thing as long as you are not constantly asking and never sharing information with those individuals. Examples of valuable information to share with colleagues include, event information for clients, media beats you might have that others do not (food, automotives, business, sports), and links to articles. Some cost effective ways to share databases with other PR Pros are joining local/national industry related organizations such as, NBPRS (National Black Public Relations Society , PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), and PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), is an excellent strategy to network with other PR professionals and possibly share contacts. Although, your main goal should not be to obtain contacts when joining an organization. A second way is to join online social Yahoo groups including; Prprosunite, Atlprpros, and entertainmentpr. A lot of these online social groups are free and allow you to network, request contact information, seek advice, share ideas and experiences with other Professionals all across the United States. Online organizations tend to be more valuable because you can connect with colleagues within minutes and in various markets.