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Age vs. Experience: The Underestimation of a Young Entrepreneur

How old did you say you were again? You are how old? I would have never guessed you were only…….

Being a young, energetic, eager, sharp professional can have its perks and be extremely attractive to upper management in corporate America.  However, having the same characteristics as an entrepreneur sometimes can become a drag. Why? Well, it has been my observation over the past several months that most business professionals, potential clients, etc, tend to associate age with experience.  It also seems to be a trust issue. Once you comprehend this theory you have to wonder why a potential client would want to invest his or her money into a 21-25 year olds business, when they can invest in a 35 and older professional with more experience.

I have no animosity toward more experienced professionals; however, I do believe the saying, “The Youth are our Future” and we deserve a chance to showcase our work ethics. Investing trust, energy, finances, and time into younger professionals can be more of a benefit in this day and age. #1 we work harder for less pay (ALL SMILES), #2 our generation constantly adapts to new technology and can quickly comprehend how to creatively use it, and #3 we are always willing to learn more.

2011 has been confirmed to be a tough job market year, which has created the smaller budgets and cut backs that have been illustrated throughout various industries. Some of us young professionals who didn’t ask to graduate into a deficient economy took it upon ourselves to create our own jobs and opportunities. We are willing to work hard, to illustrate our talents, expand our businesses, and increase brand visibility. Proving one’s ability to not only perform a job, but to perform a job well and establish a track record is understandable in order to gain the trust our young professionals so eagerly seek. However, please keep in mind that age is nothing but a number, and we can do the job the same if not better than those twice our age. Trust us!!!