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An Avid Believer

An Avid Believer….

This life has taught me so many wonderful life lessons that keeps me on a pretty narrow path, but the ultimate lesson that never gets old is keeping the faith. Keep believing. Without faith, without hope to progress, why are we living? Through all the trials and obstacles in my life, I have learned to be an avid believer in anything and everything I do. Never give up!

Being an avid believer does not mean believing only when it’s beneficial to you, when you think it’s possible or when everything is going right. Believe when things are going wrong. Believe when all hope has failed. That’s what ultimately grows your faith.

Avid means having enthusiasm and a strong desire to. When someone loves unconditionally that doesn’t mean they only love on the weekends, or on a Tuesday; they love always. As a avid believer, you want to believe and confirm in the atmosphere, that what you are believing will soon come to past.

This journey of being an avid believer is not always easy. You must have a clear outlook on life and your purpose, so those around you can never mislead you into a path that is not your own.  In this walk, you must stay true to yourself, stay humble and always know that you believe for a reason.  

Never put limits on your life, ideas or dreams. So remember, don’t ever stop believing for the time is now to believe.  Walk in confidence and faith while bringing to pass what God has for your life.



Best Wishes,


An Avid Believer