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List of current and former clients:


Allstarr Da Great

DJH Photography

Evergreen Design Co.

Doe Starz

Hartford Hurricanes

Jus Fly Clothing Inc.

Sharif  “Young Celeb” King

Sani Auri

The Bryan Reel Foundation
Buggies Lawn Care

Buggies Lawn Care

"Aim To Inspire" Series

“Aim To Inspire” Series

"Dangers of the Minds" by Author Kristen Hopkins

“Dangers of the Minds” by Author Kristen Hopkins

Actress and Host Shawana "Shay" McCray

Actress and Host Shawana “Shay” McCray

T.O.Y.T Floss Dispenser (Think of Your Teeth)

T.O.Y.T Floss Dispenser (Think of Your Teeth)

The T.O.Y.T (Think of Your Teeth) dispenser is a new refreshing product that has several great qualities which payoff immediately and in the future. The dispensers come in a variety of colors for every member of the home! They are designed to be placed on most surfaces via the suction cups on the back or they can be permanently mounted.

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Hip Hop Chef® “Cookin' Tye”

Hip Hop Chef® “Cookin’ Tye”

The Hip Hop Chef brand and concept was founded and created by HipHop Chef “CookinTye” also known on “Google” as The Official HipHop Chef ® and Chef Tye. The first and only certified and trademarked HipHop Chef in the world.

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