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Hip Hop Chef® “Cookin’ Tye”

The Official HipHop Chef ®

The HipHop Chef brand and concept was founded and created by HipHop Chef “CookinTye” also known on “Google” as The Official HipHop Chef ® and Chef Tye. The first and only certified and trademarked HipHop Chef in the world.

Several years ago, Tye was looking for a way to break into the hip-hop and entertainment industry without being a rapper. “The Hip-Hop Chef” had interests that included DJ’ ing house parties in the neighborhood, making beats and playing the drums for his friends band as a teenager. Tye used cooking as an option instead, even though when the Hip-Hop Chef brand was created, cooking wasn’t a popular trade as it is today. He wanted to be a celebrity chef who worked with celebrities in genres spanning from hip-hop to pop.

Tye went on to become a Chef Apprentice at the Double Tree Hotel, under Executive Chef Jonah Brandon. At the Double Tree, he had the opportunity to cook for the various hip-hop artists and celebrities that passed through. Some of these guests include Biggie Smalls, LL Cool J and Tupac. The Double Tree is where he created the idea of “The Hip-Hop Chef.” It dawned on him that there weren’t any chefs that specifically catered to the entertainment and hip-hop industry at the time except for Raquon the Chef. Determined to succeed in the field, Tye made the strategic move to trademark his now renowned title. Other Chefs have tried to claim the title but have been labeled as “phonies” and “copycat‘s“. Tye Jones is The Official HipHop Chef ® !

Big Break
At the time that Tye branded the “Hip Hop Chef” idea, cooking was not a popular career choice as it is today. He knew that he had to work hard and market smart, promote and deliver excellent service to those in the industry. Doors quickly began to open after he was hired by Kevin Liles, former President of Def Jams and former Vice-President of Warner Music Group. Under Liles, Tye was able to cater and network at various VIP events hosted by Def Jams. Over the years, Cookin’ Tye took the entertainment industry by storm with his powerful resume and brand. He was later endorsed by iconic figures such as Russell Simmons, Afrika Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, Grandmaster Flash, KRS1, Frank Ski, Busy Bee, Dougie Fresh, DJ Loda, Yoda X, Rosanne Shawnta and Big Daddy Kane. He has also provided services at various events, such as those hosted by Atlantic Records, Russell Simmons Music Group, BET Hip-Hop Awards, V-103 Radio Station and the Ricky Smiley Morning Show. Various individuals that Chef has had the privilege to cooked for include Bun B., Paul Wall, Young Jeezy, TI, Carmello Anthony, Vivica A. Fox, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, LL Cool J and Anthony Anderson.

Media Exposure
The Hip Hop Chef has been featured in articles in XXL Magazine, Hip-Hop Weekly, King Magazine, BET- The Black Carpet, Global Grind Website and Fly Wire Magazine.
The Official HipHop Chef ® also has a theme song titled “Cookin’ Time with the Hip-Hop Chef” created by Rok “The Royal.” It can be found on Youtube.

Early Life
Tye Jones discovered his passion for hip-hop and the culinary arts at a young age. His late grandmother, Martha Jones, raised and taught him how to cook. After school, she would assign him cooking duties such as preparing chicken, fish, potato salad, dinner rolls and cake. Sometimes, he would even have to complete these tasks before hanging out with friends. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, trouble was easy to find, but his grandmother was diligent in keeping Tye off of the streets. After beating a criminal offense as a teenager, Tye turned his life around for his grandmother. Determined to stay on the right path, he graduated from high school and later received his Culinary Training certificate from the Armed Services and Chef Apprenticeship at the Double Tree Hotel.

Giving Back to the Community
The Official Hip Hop Chef’s mission is to be a role model and mentor for today’s youth. He encourages education, finishing school, and eating healthy. He also likes to share his journey and life as a celebrity and personal chef. In addition to working with the youth, Tye is an active member in a Feed The Homeless Program.

In addition to a good taste in cooking recipes, the Chef has a good taste in style. He is often found wearing his trademark look of a fitted baseball cap, signature sport coat jacket with “The Hip Hop Chef” embroidered, the number 82 on the jacket in dedication of his grandmother, and other urban apparel such as an Adidas track jacket and shell toe tennis shoes. You might even catch him sporting his rope chain.

Signature Dishes
The Hip Hop Chef is a Celebrity Chef like no other. He mixes up the flavor of hip hop and food. Some of his signature dishes include Microphone Mac & Cheese, Freestyle Oven Fried Chicken, Money Hungry Collard Greens.
As Paul Wall stated in an article in XXL Magazine, “It’s good that we have our own chef that cooks what we like to eat and represents us.”

Current Projects
Tye will be leading an ‘Eating Healthy Campaign’ later this summer. He is also creating his Hip-Hop Chef cookbook, which is scheduled to launch in August of 2012. After the launch of the cookbook, Tye plans on attending the BET HipHop Awards, feeding the homeless and launching his new chicken wrap sandwich . Stayed tuned for all of these exciting events!