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Modern Day Technology & Its Effects on the Public Relations Industry

New Technology has greatly influenced a wide array of industries, causing various companies to “adapt” a new way of building and Public Relations is no exception to these changes. Modern technological advances have positive and negative contributions. For example, sending press releases has become a much easier process with the usage of email.  Various email-marketing softwares such as Constant Contact and iContact create email databases and allow you to send hundreds if not thousands of press releases to your specific target audience/media affiliates. However, since the evolution of email marketing, press release spam has increased and now editors delete incoming emails without reading.
The Internet itself has been a plus for Public Relations. The Web gives more companies the ability to be creative and express individuality with their websites, and it is a great way to give information to journalist. The new wave of Social Media has made it easier for PR professionals to reach their target audience and provides the tools to connect with influencers. There is even software that lists various Media contacts in different industries (Cision for example).  A downside to the Web is brands are no longer dependant on the media to generate their story to the masses. Instead, companies will generate their own story and post it through various Web platforms to reach their target audience. All this mean is PR agencies will need to be more creative and present better opportunities to improve serving client needs.
Source: Segovich, Ryan  “The Role of Modern PR in Creating Content.” Tech Image. November 13, 2012.